Photo Calendar 2015

Photo calendar 2014Free Printable Photo Calendars for 2015

Adding a photo of someone you love to your calendar will upgrade it instantly. A photo calendar also makes a great gift for parents, grandparents or friends.

Create a Photo Calendar 2015 in Minutes!

Our free calendar maker will create a personalized calendar for you. All you need to do is find a photo that you love. No registration required and no software to download. The most difficult part is choosing which one of the free printable calendars you want to make!

If you do find it difficult to use our calendar maker then please see this step by step tutorial.

Edit your Photos

Once you have added your photo you will be able to edit it before it is inserted into the calendar. This step is optional and free!

You can fix colors, rotate photos, enhance, fill flash and make any photo black and white / sepia.

Make your own photo calendar

Click on the design of your choice above. There is a large selection of calendar designs available. The free calendar maker will open up and guide your through a few simple steps to create your free photo calendar.

What can these calendars be used for?

Valentines Day

Make one for your partner on Valentines Day. Add a photo of the two of you.

Anniversary Gift

You can add wedding photos, recent photos of the couple or photos of your kids if you have any.

Classroom Calendar

If you want to hang a calendar in the classroom why not add a class photo and make a personalized class calendar.

Mothers Day or Fathers Day Gift

Every parent would love to receive a photo calendar with photos of his or her kids to hang at home or at work.

Birthday Gift 

A photo calendar makes a perfect birthday gift for just about anyone!

Tips to create the perfect photo calendar 2015

  • Use a good quality paper or photo paper to print the calendar.
  • Choose 12 different designs to create a complete 2015 calendar.
  • Choose photos that match the calendar template. For example, if you are using the flower photo calendar which has a red border try to use a photo of someone wearing red as in the example above. This step isn’t necessary but it does tend to improve the final outcome.
  • Use photos with a similar theme if possible. For example, in the beach theme above using a photo of a child in the snow might look a little odd. On the other hand, using a photo of a child at the beach looks right!
  • Use photos related to the particular month that you are creating. For example, if dad has a birthday in January you can use a photo of dad with the kids. In December, you can use a family photo from Christmas.

Print your own calendar!

There are many services available today which enable you to print a customized calendar which will then be sent to your by post. Although the quality of such a calendar might be superior to one that you can print at home (depending on the quality of your printer) you might prefer to create and print your own personalized calendar at home. It will usually be much cheaper (since all of our calendars are free you only pay the printing costs) and you can get it right away.


  1. When I try to use these, they are all in 2013 format still. Will these calendars be updated soon?

  2. Most of them have been updated but some of them are still in the process. Which one are you trying to create?

  3. The only one that I’ve seen that is updated is the blue one. I think I tried all of the others because my original choices still said 2013, but none were updated (maybe I’m doing something wrong?). I didn’t like the blue because it doesn’t give you a “box” to write in for the date. I really liked the Green, Tan, or Polka Dot. Thanks!