Yearly Calendar

2014 Printable Calendars

The following printable calendars show 2014 at a glance. All 12 months are on one page.

Free Printable Calendars

Description: Border with brown stripes and a brown tag at the top with the title “2014”

Description: 2014 calendar with a white background and pictures of dogs jumping

Description: printable yearly calendar for the year 2014 with a lilac border and pictures of kids holding hands

Description: 2014 yearly calendar with a white background and a row of tulips at the bottom of the page

Kung Fu Panda calendar templates
Yearly calendars until the year 2014 with a picture of Kung Fu Panda.

Description: 7 different Hello Kitty calendars. Each calendar has a different color frame.
Calendar Templates

Spongebob printable calendars
A variety of different printable calendars with SpongeBob and some of his friends.

What is the difference between a yearly calendar and a monthly calendar?

A yearly calendar has all the months of a year on one page (i.e. from January to December) on one page.

A monthly calendar has each month on a seperate page.

The numbers on the yearly calendar will be much smaller than those on the monthly calendar since space is limited.

What can a yearly calendar be used for?

Many people use it to record special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. It is also easier to carry around.

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