DIY Desktop Calendar with Photo

personalized desktop calendars
DIY Desktop Photo Calendar

There are six different designs available. Choose a design, add your photos and print. You will find step by step instructions below although you probably won’t need them. The entire process takes under five minutes with the help of our free calendar maker.

Desktop calendar with photos

Photo calendar

Desktop photo calendar

Printable desktop photo calendar

DIY desktop calendar with your own photos

Personalized desktop calendar

how to make a desktop calendar - materials required

Equipment Required

One of the desktop calendars above printed on cardstock

Glue stick


Step 1

Cut on the line where the scissors icon appears.

how to make a desktop calendar - step 1

Step 2

Fold on the dotted lines (3 folds). If the dotted line isn’t clear then make 3 folds between the image and the black space.

diy desktop calendar

Step 3

Join the two pieces so that the images line up.

DIY photo calendar

Step 4

Join the two ends to form the base.

where to fold in order to make a DIY desktop photo calendar

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