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This is a 14 day nutrition and exercise journal to slim down, eat healthy and workout. Each day has space to record the food that you eat (calorie count), how much water you drink and the sport that you plan to do and actually do.

Each day there are motivational quotes to keep you motivated throughout the 14 day diet and a tip to help you stick to the program. Diet might not be the best word since I made the journal to help myself make a lifestyle change and not for a 14 day diet. The journal really helped me which is why I decided to share it with anyone else who might find it useful.

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fitness journal templateDay 1

“Yesterday you said tomorrow!”



diet and fitness journalDay 2

“Its not easy but it will be worth it”


food and exercise journalDay 3

“2 Weeks from now what will you wish you had done today?”


food logDay 4

“I can and I will!”


printable food log  Day 5

“Hard work = results”


Free printable food log Day 6

“If you don’t make any changes then nothing will change”


Free printable food log Day 7

“When you feel like quitting think about why you started”


printable food log  Day 8

“What you eat in private you wear in public”


food log Day 9

“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now”


food diary templateDay 10

“Do you really want to look and feel like that for the rest of your life?”


food journal templateDay 11

“The feeling that you get from exercise if far better than the feeling that you get from sugar”


diet journal Day 12

“You don’t have to eat less you just have to eat right”


printable food journalDay 13

“Did you come this far just to give up?”


printable food journalDay 14

“Carbs you have been craving for a few hours of the body that you have been craving for years?”


Each day, there is a section to write your own thoughts on why you want to make these lifestyle changes, the tools that you have to make them, the small change that you will make that day (i.e. the goal for the day) and what you will do if you want to cheat. I find it helpful to fill out this section when I am feeling strong and then read it again when I am not feeling as strong. These are pretty open questions to enable you to write whatever you want.

If you notice that your motivation is waning, read the motivational quotes, tips and your own thoughts from the entire journal to remind you why you want to make this change in your life and provide you with the tools to do so.

If you would like to download the entire food journal in one file then open the food journal PDF

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